If you have been on the south side of Historic Main St and just crossed over the tracks you probably saw the Master Made Feeds store. If you are an animal lover this is the place to go! I say animal lover because you can buy feed for your dogs, cats, rabbits, chickens, pigs, horses, and more! When in season you can pick up some hay! I stopped in this afternoon for my first time… this is what it looks like on the outside…

Now from the outside you see that mill? The store was actually where they would sell the product created! The store started in 1952 as a grain store… It was purchased in 1970 by CT Waters and has been a Family operated Feed store ever since! “Master Made Feeds has served the greater North Texas area’s livestock and pet supply needs for over 45 years. Proudly still owned and operated by the Waters family, Master Made Feeds takes pride in offering unique and award winning products along with old fashioned customer service.”

When you walk in you are greeted by this deli…

Pet Deli - Master Made Foods

It’s a pet owners solution for treats and an animals excitement haven… These are all made in the USA and when possible items are locally sourced. For example, you need to green up your yard… you need fertilizer created for a Texas yard! But, wait you can do even better than that! Take a sample of your soil to the store, have it tested for $10, then get the exactly fertilizer you need! Why is the testing this inexpensive. It’s because they have an association with a fertilizer coop that helps with a paying the fee. I didn’t even mention they have fertilizer until now! It just shows you how diverse this little nugget of a store it is!

You want healthy food for your animals. You can find Organic, Gluten Free, Soy Free. Everything from Chicks, cows, and horse. Here is the selection of Equine food available:

Some of the other items you can fine are feeders, traps, saddles, brushes, ropes (yes cowboys need ropes!), You will also find out that you can bring your pet to a mobile pet clinic. Make sure and contact the store to know when they are available. I suggest stopping by there website http://www.mastermadefeeds.com for the details!

I did here that chickens will be showing up this Thursday September 27, 2018! According to Mitch Waters people are going back to nature more. If you want chickens check with your local city for the rules / laws. I understand in Grapevine, Texas you can have 4 as long as your neighbors do get upset when the rooster crows at 5:30am. I don’t think they know about Day Light Savings time either. 🙂

You may have notice on the first picture some things on the outside. Mitch said over the last 4 years they have added some of the pieces in. It is a rather interesting mix of items. Everything from a John Deere tractor sign to a bench with a Chevrolet tailgate as the back to a whirly top ornament. Here is a little better picture of some of those items:

Yard Art - Master Made Feeds

When you stop in let Mitch know that you heard it on the Grapevine at KGVRGrapevine.com! Until next week enjoy All  About Grapevine!