While exploring Grapevine make sure and stop by Vetro Glass Blowing Studio & Gallery. This place has amazing Glass art! A few years ago we attended an art auction to support artist. The event was to help artist that had expenses we normally don’t think about… like medical! We have moved this piece multiple times and cherish where ever we live…

This picture simply does not do just for the time and beauty! What you can not see if the “Throat” that is pink in color… it reminds me of a fish. You can see different things at different angles. It is simply amazing. During this special even so many beautiful pieces were available. If they were not sold at the time the auction time ended they were destroyed! Watch this video to learn more about Vetro Glass Blowing Studio & Gallery:

Make sure and stop by there website for Current Events! Here is a current class for reference:


This event is running from September 22nd, 2018 until September 29th, 2018. The next chance to catch it at Vetro is September 22nd, 2018. Click here for more info »

Stemless Wine Glass

Some other upcoming classes include Pumpkin, Extreme Ornament, and traditional Ornaments! Make sure you check those out. You can stay up to date as well on Facebook, Twitter and Yelp.

More about Vetro Art Glass Blowing Studio & Gallery

Glass artist David Gappa founded Vetro in 1999. During that time, Gappa cultivated a team of glass artists who perform their art of glassblowing in Vetro’s state-of-the-art working studio. The studio and attached fine art glass gallery are located in the historic district of Grapevine, Texas. In addition to creating fine art glass, Vetro artists enjoy educating the public about this ancient art form through live demonstrations. Simultaneously, Vetro’s friendly and inviting gallery staff create a relaxed and comfortable gallery atmosphere in which to browse and shop.

You can take a group to learn more about glass blowing or simply take your own classes. I stop by on occasion just to look around the store. You might even see live glassblowing in progress. For me the beauty in the creations is fantastic! Here is one of the pictures from the gallery:

To see more images go here. The comments I hear when in the store range from “I have never seen that done before” to “That is so beautiful”. Here are 2 reviews to show you what I mean “Great place to get unique gifts all year long.” and “Super friendly staff that provide a great experience.”.

Now after that picture I am sure you want to see for yourself! They are located on Historic Main St in downtown Grapevine, Texas by the Grapevine Vintage Railroad. There address is 701 South Main Street, Suite #103 Grapevine, TX 76051. They do have varying hours of operation so make sure to check here for the times. When you stop by let them know you came from the blog post on KGVR Grapevine.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks “All About Grapevine” stay tuned next week for another Grapevine, Texas adventure!